Successful Parenting   by Grant Aram Killian, Ph.D.

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For parents seeking the best in life for their children; this book is filled with practical application models to ensure optimal parenting, a must-have, and unlike no other parenting book. Parents, psychotherapists, educators, students and those who work with children, will find this book a phenomenal addition to their repertoire of knowledge concerning children. All who seek to nurture children and insure their success will want to own this amazing reference and go to book for parents and professionals seeking optimal success. Approximately twenty-five percent of an individual's life is spent learning with one's parents. Parenting is the most significant variable in a child's and an adult's life as humans have the most extended parenting - enduring longer than the lifetime of most animals. Nothing ever affects the formation of an individual's personality and habits more than the teachings of being with one's family Successful parenting is the greatest gift one can give to one's child, see

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